Construction Updates

April 28th

Sunday, April 30th you'll have the opportunity to write your favorite Bible verse on the framing of the new building before the insulation and drywall go up. The door will be open between 9:30 & 12:30.




















March 8, 2017 

The north entrance to the parking lot is temporarily closed. Please use the south entrance.



















As most of you have heard by now the structure for our new worship area collapsed due to the strong winds today. Preliminary information indicates that the strong winds for the most part were coming from the north and west allowing the new structure to receive additional bracing from our current facility. At about 10:45am the wind stopped and a very strong gust from the south caused the new structure to push to the north causing it to collapse. This is a setback for the project, but we will continue to move forward.

Brown Church Development is currently doing an audit on everything built to date which will take a bit of time. In the next few days insurance adjusters will be onsite to evaluate the damage before any of the collapsed structure can be moved. New wood and trusses will be ordered Thursday morning getting us ready for the continued construction. Although, for a few days it will seem like nothing is going on due to this process realize there will be lots of activity taking place behind the scenes to keep us moving forward.

There will also be some additional inconveniences until we can move the collapsed structure. Our usual north entrance will be closed due to the road being blocked by the collapsed structure. If you are walking around the construction area please be on the lookout for loose nails. Most of the loose nails on the pavement have been picked up, but there may still be some that were not seen initially. The grass area to the north of the construction is an area that potentially has a lot of nails. Please avoid this area. Efforts are being made to get a magnetic roller to pick these nails up since they are hard to see.

If everything runs smoothly over the next few days, today’s event should only set us back a couple of weeks. God was looking out for our workers today, this could have been so much worse! Multiple workers were onsite doing different jobs and could have been crushed by the structure. Continue to pray for the one injured worker, Todd, as well as the other construction crew that were onsite when it happened.









March 3, 2017

Things are moving along well with the construction! You will be able to enter and exit through the front door on Sunday. The West door will also be open for those who are parking on the south or north side of the building.